Automated Testing on Azure: 3-Wk Proof of Concept

Data-Core Systems, Inc.

Explore a Test Automation Framework integrated with Azure DevOps with our experts.

Data-Core Systems will be providing the best option to create a custom framework that would benefit the client not just from test automation perspective, but also help in reducing manual effort in test execution and deployment of application.

Some of the tools and technologies we prefer to use:

  • Java as a general programming language
  • Selenium as a browser automation library
  • TestNG as an automation framework
  • Extent reports in conjunction with iTest Listeners for rich style reporting
  • Jenkins server for continuous integration
  • Azure DevOps Repository and Test Plans for source control and Test Management.
  • Azure DevOps Pipeline to automate the execution and deployment process.

Agenda and Deliverables During a dedicated session with our team we will provide the following deliverables:

  1. Workshop to identify the right applications for Test Automation.
  2. Identification of 10-15 test cases to be automated.
  3. Combine several open source automation tools/libraries to weave the benefit of each while circumventing their weaknesses.
  4. Setting up of Test Automation Infrastructure on Jenkins and Azure.
  5. Automation of test cases.
  6. Develop commonly reusable features as much as possible in order to reduce scripting effort.
  • Initialization of application under test
  • Take screenshots
  • Explicit waits
  • Create automated report
  1. Manual running of test cases to validate automated test scripts.
  2. Automate the test execution process each time a new build is available.
  3. Publish the report on a dashboard.
  4. Deploy the build where necessary.
  5. Final delivery, knowledge transfer and sign-off.

Price may vary depending on size and scope of the project.