Azure Data Analytics Foundation: 4-Wk PoC


Modern data platform that consolidates your data - ready for advanced analytics to make data-driven decisions. Your data lake comes with governance and cost management built-in and is ready to extend.

Data-Driven offers a 4-week engagement that delivers a modern data platform. Deployed on Azure, this platform enables Advanced Analytics, ML and Big Data transformations.

We focus on your organisation’s Data Strategy by substantiating key business drivers, from which we identify and prioritise high-value use cases. Examples include automating the ingestion of disparate data sources and surfacing insights in a Power BI report, or building a PowerApps application that allows business users to interact with key datasets. We provide an extensible framework, using Azure services such as Databricks, Synapse and Data Factory. Our Data Analytics Foundation provides your business with a blueprint for most analytical use cases.

During an engagement, we implement an end-to-end data pipeline that includes ingestion, transformation, and serving layer. This can greatly accelerate your analytical use cases’ time-to-market.


  1. Remove Data Silos - Consolidate your data across the organisation and extract new insights from a single source of truth.
  2. Self-Service Analytics Reporting - Enabling the ability to make critical business decisions based on accurate, timely insights, reducing time-to-value.
  3. Data Management & Governance - Your platform comes with enterprise security, cost controls, scalability and data management tools.

Agile Approach

  1. Choose the Outcome - We engage with you identifying a strategic use case before POC implementation
  2. We Build the Platform - We build a modern data platform using secure, highly-scalable Azure services
  3. Get Insights - We surface the insights in Power BI

See 4 Week to Insights Timeline for more info

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