Azure Data Analytics Foundation: 4-Wk PoC

Data-Driven AI

A modern data platform to consolidate your data and ready for advanced analytics to make data-driven decisions. Your data lake comes with governance and cost management built-in and is ready to extend

Data-Driven will engage the client team over a 4 week period to deliver a modern data platform on Azure ready for advanced analytics, ML and Big Data transformations. We will conduct discovery workshops with stakeholders to identify a suitable use-case to add real-business value by the end of the 4 week engagement. Examples might be automating ingestion of disparate data sources and surfacing the insights in a Power BI report or building a PowerApps tool to allow users to interact with key datasets.

We provided an extensible framework built on native Azure products such as Azure Databricks, Azure Synapse and Azure Data Factory to provide you with a blueprint for analytical use-cases. We will do an end to end pipeline from ingestion and transformation to insights which greatly accelerates your time-to-market for your next BI or advanced analytics use-case.


  1. Consolidate Your Data​ - Ingest data of any size and type (text, video or images)
  2. Low Operating Costs - Only pay for what you use with elastic scale and infinite storage
  3. Platform for Analytics - Ready for data science and advanced analytics
  4. Data Lake Governance - Enterprise Security, cost controls, scalability and data catalogs

Agile Approach

  1. Choose the Outcome - We work with your business to find a problem as the first use-case
  2. We Build the Platform - We build a modern Data Lake using secure, highly-scalable technology on Azure
  3. Get Insights - We surface the insights in a Power BI report

See 4 Week to Insights Timeline for more info

About Us Data-Driven AI is a Microsoft Gold Partner specialising in advanced analytics consulting and building modern data platforms for our customers. We deliver innovative data and AI solutions to help organisations build a data-driven culture and empower their business decisions with insights. For more information visit our website at