Data Innovation Studio - 2-Weeks Workshop

Data#3 Limited

The Data Innovation Studio delivers your own tailored Adoption Roadmap to further your data, analytics and AI capabilities.

Data Innovation Studio

In today’s business climate, there is no lack of need - or desire - to embark on data and analytics initiatives, but many organisations are unsure as to how to begin the journey. In Data#3’s research, we found that 80% of customers reported ‘knowing where to start’ as a key problem. With so many available options and solutions to consider, the decision can be overwhelming or lack tangible ROI.

Are you struggling with:

  • Delivering on business objectives that rely on organisational data?
  • Understanding how to unlock value from your enterprise data?
  • Current initiatives that do not provide value for your business?
  • Justifying spending on data-driven initiatives?

What to expect from the Data Innovation Studio?

To ensure data solutions are aligned to your objectives, we use the Data Journey Map. By focusing on the organisational opportunity and the desired business outcomes, we correctly align a solution that best fits the status of your organisation’s data journey along the four paths of Data, Information, Knowledge and Intelligence.
The Data Innovation Studio includes:

Milestones week 1
  • A high-level assessment of your current data estate to assess the technical capability with Azure data services.
  • A Design Thinking-style Innovation Workshop with business stakeholders to focus on the business problems, as well as the opportunities.
Milestones week 2
  • A Data Adoption Roadmap for your organisation, which combines the findings from the assessment and Innovation Workshop. It also outlines a high-level roadmap of prioritised activities aligned to the Data Journey Map.
  • Presentation of the report to project stakeholders.
  • A technical workshop to help convey the architectural considerations. It will outline a modern data platform reference architecture for Azure data services.