Cloud Migration Assessment: 6-Week Assessment


Digital Transformation: Cloud migration and cost optimization assessment

The DataArt team of experts offers an assessment session of an end-to-end migration to Microsoft Azure Cloud which results in cost optimization.


  1. Identify main stakeholders, project/business goals, time and budget constrains
  2. Work with team leads on client side to focus on current state analysis
  3. Gather requirements for data security, retention, compliance, and geo location restrictions
  4. Iteratively come up with final state for the migration / modernization project
  5. Identify skills and knowledge gaps in client's team and plan a training / staffing session
  6. Develop a project transition plan aligned with uninterrupted business processes, current state, and desired architecture
  7. Perform security and compliance assessment of the plan and apply updates accordingly
  8. Organize team to run project transition and iteratively deliver transition according to the plan.


  • Migration plan which includes Microsoft Azure resources configuration, timelines and efforts estimate
  • Estimate for the migration effort and ongoing maintenance
  • Cost optimization plan enabled by leveraging automation, cloud elasticity and performing applications modernization
  • Backup and disaster recovery plan and backup process automation plan with data retention policies
  • Security assessment of the configuration and current state
  • Architecture assessment and migration plan to SaaS and PaaS cloud services.

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