Azure Starter: 2-Week Implementation

DataArt New York

Use Azure Starter to automate the initial setup of your Azure projects

The DataArt team offers an automation project to support our clients and extend their use of Azure as well as to streamline, and lower efforts on each stage of the Software Development Life Cycle leveraging the best practices from Microsoft Azure DevOps and Azure Cloud Services. Azure Starter significantly lowers entry threshold for new users by automating infrastructure and setup routines. This enables rapid prototyping using Azure services.

Azure Starter was designed with the following features:

  • Automate the initial setup of Azure projects (start fresh or migrate your existing application from Github, or another repository)
  • Simplify access to the Azure cloud services
  • Build a straightforward and rigorous process for release management
  • Compatible with security and compliance standards
  • .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, and Python and another popular framework support
  • Cloud-powered CI/CD using Azure Pipelines and Azure Repos
  • Azure DevOps Analytics (boards, pipelines, test plans, repos, artifacts), lead time and cycle time widgets, scatter-plot control charts)
  • Log Analytics in Azure Monitor to edit and run log queries with data in Azure Monitor Logs
  • Track your progress by using Azure Boards which you can configure and customize yourself


  • Possibility to develop, monitor, deploy, and manage your project from the initiation phase
  • Possibility to carry out no-hassle project and all artefacts ownership transfer
  • Fast deploy your application to various Azure services such as Virtual Machines, App Service, Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), Azure SQL Database, and other
  • Quick access to Azure portal to monitor code commits, builds, and deployments

The pricing and timelines will depend on the initial requirements and the scope of work. Contact us to learn more!