Azure App Custom Development: 10-Week Assessment

DataArt New York

This service is developed to help clients with the custom application development and ways to achieve it. The target projects for this service could be either green field or with existing systems.

DataArt provides a high-quality service for custom development in Microsoft Azure cloud. Offering is focused on the leveraging Azure native services for achieving maximum cost effectiveness and flexibility for the system.


  • Identify of the client's needs and goals for the custom app development
  • Capture business use cases for the solution
  • Design the solution architecture and implementation plan
  • Prepare of accompanying materials and artefacts
  • Transfer results and materials to the client
Offering schedule

Assessment phase activities:

  1. Identify main stakeholders, project/business goals, time and budget constrain
  2. Gather requirements for use cases, app security, reliability, compliance, and geo location restrictions
  3. Capture and document business processes


  1. Catalogs: stakeholders, business goals, technical goals, constraints etc.
  2. High level business process flow and use cases

Solution architecture phase activities:

  1. Iteratively come up with final solution state for the project implementation
  2. Identify skills and knowledge gaps in client's team and plan a training / staffing session
  3. Develop a project launch plan aligned with uninterrupted business processes, current state, and desired architecture
  4. Perform security and compliance assessment of the plan and apply updates accordingly


  1. Solution diagram: detailed architecture diagram
  2. Application architecture according to business requirements (App modules conceptual diagram, Technology stack & Azure services, Deployment in Azure cloud process integration)
  3. POC plan description: technical and organizational activities with timelines. (if POC requested by client)
  4. Infrastructure ongoing cost forecast: capabilities and costs

The pricing and timelines will depend on the initial requirements and the scope of work. Contact us to learn more!