Azure Data Analytics 4-Hour Workshop

DataArt New York

Cloud analytics in the age of self-service and data science. DataArt invites you to attend an interactive online workshop dedicated to Data Analytics using Microsoft Azure cloud services.

The Azure Data Analytics Immersion Workshop teaches you how to extract key learnings with effective optimization techniques using Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse and the Azure Synapse studio.

Our Azure data experts will provide a comprehensive understanding of end-to-end analytics (from data collection to BI and forecasting), how to use Azure Synapse, and the benefits of implementing an analytic culture in your company. You will learn about the different types of analytics and how they can be used with Microsoft technologies.

During this training event you will:

  • Gain a high-level overview of analytics techniques for optimizing with Azure SQL Data Warehouse and the Azure Synapse studio.
  • Learn how to use Microsoft Power BI and Azure in conjunction with one another.
  • Experience a hands-on lab with the Azure Synapse studio.


  1. The heart of analytics
  2. Optimizing analytics with Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  3. Insights for all with Power BI + Azure
  4. 15-minute break
  5. Hands-on lab using the Azure Synapse studio. In this lab, you will play the role of various persona: a data engineer, a business analyst, and a data scientist. The workspace is already set up to focus on some of the core development capabilities of Azure Synapse Analytics.

The pricing will be discussed additionaly. During the workshop, you will learn how to organize and use data in such a way that you understand what is happening with the business and based on this make the most useful decisions. Contact us to learn more!