Backup as a Service: 12 months Implementation


Databarracks monitors, manages and supports your backups in Azure. Leaving you to focus on your business, knowing your data is secure.

Protect your on-premises IT, Microsoft 365 and other SaaS data with Backup as a Service from Databarracks.

Databarracks’ BaaS is built on Microsoft Azure and Commvault. We take advantage of the low cost of Azure Blob Storage to reduce backup costs, utilising LRS Hot, LRS Cool and Archive tiers. Backups are managed in Azure by Commvault Commserve, MediaAgents, Proxy Servers and Network Proxy Servers running on Virtual Machines in Azure.

Databarracks provides a completely managed backup service from installation, backup set design and scheduling through to daily monitoring of backups. We also provide 24/7/365 support to restore data either into Microsoft Azure or back to its original location.


• Save time on backup administration • More successful restorations • Reduced Recovery Time and Point Objectives (RTO & RPO) • Protection against ransomware • Reduced storage volumes • Simple management of data throughout the lifecycle • Compatibility for on-premises IT, SaaS and cloud data • Secure, encrypted offsite backup • Reduced manual interaction in the backup process • Completely outsource your backup operations to an expert service provider