Datacom AVD Standard 5-WK Pilot


Assist customers in establishing a robust groundwork for initiating the assessment of AVD advantages and expediting the adoption of AVD.

With organisations needing to deliver better business agility and responsiveness and more and more people approaching work with the expectation of being able to operate remotely, we are facing new challenges when it comes to effectively enabling the ways people interact with each other to deliver and realise value.

Azure Virtual Desktop provides a secure and convenient way for organisations to deliver a virtualised Windows desktop experience to their employees, regardless of location. By leveraging Datacom’s Azure Virtual Desktop service, you can easily deploy and manage your AVD environment with minimal effort. AVD can deliver scalability and new ways of working remotely, enable roster and seasonal staff, and your people to leverage their own devices if desired without compromising on experience or operational security, and setup the basis for a Windows Evergreen environment. The business benefits of this offering include:

  • Precise control and visibility of your desktop
  • Improved security profile and posture
  • Empowering and supporting your people and the way they want to work
  • Efficient and centralised deployment of software and updates to your business devices Datacom’s Workspace Transformation team is here to help build this capability in your organisation with our AVD offering.

AVD Standard Pilot Core Enable customer setup a solid foundation to start evaluating the benefits of AVD and accelerate the Azure Cloud adoption. The offer will include the following:

  • AVD Pilot Requirements Assessment
  • AVD Pilot Discovery Workshop
  • AVD Pilot success criteria
  • AVD Pilot Solution High-Level Design
  • A fully functional AVD environment with Azure AD join authentication
  • One Managed master image
  • Five Standard Apps include Office 365, Teams, OneDrive, Adobe Reader, and Google Chrome, integrated with the master image.
  • Two Lob Apps of Customer Choice integrate with the master image.
  • Integrate with the customer's current web security solution.
  • Integrate with the customer's current endpoint security solution.
  • 10 hours support package for up to 2 weeks of UAT testing.
  • Document workload performance and health, Workload compatibility, dependencies, environment sizing Mapping
  • Next step workshop
  • Dedicated project manager oversees the AVD Standard pilot delivery.