Thinksmash AI edition 5-day workshop

Datacom New Zealand

thinksmash® - AI Edition is a 5-day process designed to help customers develop their AI capability and mobilise an Agile programme of work to launch products. It is a tried and tested approach, genera

The thinksmash® process starts by exposing the possibilities of AI to a team of key stakeholders from the business. We then explore the key use cases in the business, and where the greatest friction and opportunity for AI exists.

Often from a thinksmash®, there are 1 or 2 ideas that surface, which the team feel have the potential to disrupt their industry. To showcase the opportunity, we build a simple prototype using our repeatable IP in the Azure Cognitive Services stack.

From here, the outputs move into a modern Agile program to create products, scale systems, and build the capability to support it. Datacom place a premium on this, because translating a thought into action is critical to innovation – something we call “Doing-ability”.

agenda for the workshop Day 1

  • mission and brief
  • imagine - how AI changes the game
  • break/assumptions
  • blockers and opportunities Day 2
  • vision
  • themes
  • big ideas Day 3
  • priorities and blueprint
  • start prototyping Day 4
  • test and iterate
  • refine prototype Day 5
  • showcase and next steps
  • wrap up!

This workshop provides added value, as it includes building a simple prototype using our repeatable IP and leveraging the Azure cognitive services stack.
From there, our professional services support you in getting started with or extending your use of Azure technology, through a rapid prototyping process or a proof of value/commercial pilot exercise to launch a Minimum Viable Product. This services supports Azure customers in getting started with or extending their use of Azure technology, as it introduces them to the Azure cognitive services stack, and by experiential hands on prototyping, it shows the value of Azure cognitive services stack in a most practical way. There is no more powerful way to add value to your business when you can see the direct impact of the Azure technology on a pragmatic and customer specific case.