Data Platform Modernization : 4 Week Assessment

Datametica Solutions Private Limited

Faster Data Platform Modernization with Automated and Meticulous Assessment.

We are a preferred migration and Gold partner of Microsoft Azure, delivering modern unified cloud-based data warehousing solutions via automated ‘BIRD tools’ with unprecedented capabilities. A successful cloud migration plan starts with a clear, data-driven understanding of your current infrastructure. This assessment using our unique automation tool - Eagle, the planner offers a foundational understanding of the existing data warehouse and provides a robust migration strategy

Eagle - The Automated Migration Planner Offers :

Eagle assesses the existing data warehouses and provides a unified holistic view of the current data warehouse and related dependencies.

Implementing granular level assessment enables Eagle to generate comprehensive report which helps in formulating a powerful migration strategy with a systemic timeline.

Eagle provides optimized data model recommendations and also assists in reviewing the impact of implementing the change performed in the current data model which helps set up a successful foundation for modernization within weeks


Eagle's Accelerated Approach will include the following deliverable -

Step 1

  • Log Extraction
  • Extract ETL tool Mappings
  • Extract Traditional RDBMS query Logs and Metadata

Step 2

  • Eagle Processing
  • Traditional RDBMS SQL Log Processing and Graph Building
  • ETL Mapping Processing and Graph Building
  • Cluster Building
  • Data Pipeline building for each Cluster

Step 3

  • Analysis
  • Cluster Tuning
  • Cluster Prioritization
  • Build Migration Plan

Step 4

  • Assessment and Recommendation Report
  • Migration Approach with targeted business value as per Cluster Recommendation
  • Reference Architecture considering all discovered patterns
  • Solution / Technical Architecture
  • Project Plan
  • Capacity Planning
  • Migration Effort
  • Estimation - Cost and Timelines

Price and Scope will vary depending on solution requirements,the size and complexity of your environment