SQL Server Health Check (2 Days)+MSSQL Support Services (3 Days)

Dataplatform Bilgi Sistemleri A.Ş.

The SQL Server Health Check Study is a service that checks the health and performance of organizations in Azure or On-Premises. It aims to identify any issues and suggest improvements.

SQL Server Health Check Study In this context, first of all, Health Check will be done for all SQL Servers you have requested and a health scan report will be created as a result. The scope of the health screening service to be provided is detailed below. This study aims to perform health checks of SQL servers in your institution's infrastructure and to reveal the necessary actions for improvement. At the end of the study, suggestions are presented to you in a report.

You can benefit from the Support services we offer for +3 days at any time throughout the year.

The main topics within the scope of the work to be done are as follows; • on SQL servers in Azure or On-Premises. • Control of Event Logs • Control of SQL Logs • Review of backup plans • Control of indexes • Checking the server settings • Checking SQL Server settings • Output of Performance Dashboard reports • Control of Always On infrastructure

Out-of-Scope Topics: The tasks (out of scope) of the customer IT teams during the project are as follows; • Provision of Equipment, if necessary • Providing all necessary permits and authorizations for the works • Ensuring backup and information security during studies • Providing the environment where the studies will be carried out

After the Health Check study; • You can also make a demand from us to make health check study after our service so you can see the improvements and differences.

We look forward to bringing our work to you.