AI Prototype Building - 10 Day Implementation


Start to build a prototype of your AI idea / solution to profoundly analyze the possibilities and the impact on business.

Dataroots provides a fast AI prototype deployment framework on the Azure cloud platform, it deploys all necessary components for AI prototyping automatically. It foresees easy access to data sources and pre-defined storage options to efficiently prepare the data for AI modelling. Using standard AI development tooling, models can be build, tested and validated and exposed via an API or dashboard. The AI prototyping will allow for a fast assessment of the possibilities and feasibility of the solution on a set of production data. From a technical point of view AI prototyping will allow to assess how the Azure Cloud Platform contributes to automating productizing AI solutions and assess the impact on the current ICT infrastructure and way of working.
The deliverable is a tangible end-to-end AI prototype build on the Azure Cloud Platform, using the state-of-the-art Azure services, with an exposable result towards the end user.