OpenAI Grant Writing Companion

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Harness the power of OpenAI and LLMs to supercharge your grant writing process.

Only one in seven grant proposals get accepted. Are your grant proposals persuasive enough?

Harness the power of Azure OpenAI service and Cognitive services to supercharge your grant writing process.

Who is this offer for?

This consulting services offer is designed for non-profit organizations seeking professional guidance and expertise in utilizingOpenAI and semantic search to optimize their grant writing process. What does the offer deliver?

In our initial discovery meeting, we will engage in a comprehensive discussion about your organization's grant writing goals, challenges, and desired outcomes. Drawing upon our expertise and experience, we will research and analyze your specific grant writing needs and propose tailored solutions to leverage the power of Azure OpenAI.

After conducting in-depth research and analysis, we will provide you with a detailed presentation showcasing our findings, recommendations, and proposed roadmap for grant writing success. This roadmap will outline actionable steps, timelines, and estimated costs associated with implementing the proposed solutions. You will have complete freedom to decide how to proceed, and we will be available to support you with proof of concept or full-scale implementation.

We understand that not every organization may require our services, and in such cases, we will offer our best advice and guide you in the right direction to ensure you receive the assistance you need.

How does the process work?

Discovery Meeting: We will conduct an initial meeting to understand your organization's grant writing requirements, objectives, and challenges.

Research and Analysis: Based on the information gathered, we will conduct thorough research and analysis, exploring the potential of Azure OpenAI service, and Cognitive Search to address your specific needs.

Proposed Solutions: We will develop a detailed plan and present our findings, recommendations, and proposed roadmap to optimize your grant writing process. This includes actions, timelines, and estimated costs.

Presentation and Consultation: During this session, we will address any questions or concerns you may have and provide guidance on leveraging Azure and the Grant Writing Companion effectively.

Implementation Support: Following the presentation, we will be available to support you with the implementation of the proposed solutions. Whether it's assisting with proof of concept, providing technical guidance, or offering ongoing consulting services, we will ensure your organization's smooth transition to an optimized grant writing process.

Unlock the full potential of the Grant Writing Companion and elevate your grant writing capabilities with our expert consulting services. Contact us today to schedule a discovery meeting and embark on a journey toward successful grant acquisition for your non-profit organization.