Python for Data Science : 15-hour workshop

Data Science Dojo

An intensive Python training focused on data science applications

What's The Workshop Like?

Python for Data Science is the most comprehensive workshop designed by experienced instructors to equip you with the most valuable skills in Python. In this workshop, you will learn ways to handle, store, and analyze complex data, along with an introduction to advanced topics in the field of data science. Live sessions, challenging exercises, and a comprehensive project prepare you to succeed in a world loaded with data. The curriculum is crafted by industry experts and practitioners to give you the right mix of theoretical concepts and practical experience. Once your team has upskilled they will be more prepared to fully utilize the power of Azure through Python.

Upskill Your Whole Team

This private engagement is our standard Python for Data Science training with the addition of these key benefits:

  1. This training won't be open to the public. We will hold a dedicated training cohort specific for your team(s).
  2. We are flexible with the times of the training and can deliver the 15-hour training in 3 days or spread it out to 5 days.
  3. You'll receive a discount that isn't available on our public Python for Data Science Trainings.
  4. You'll receive extended access to our code and training repositories which include hundreds of extra trainings and practice Jupyter notebooks.

Earn a Verified Certificate

After completing the Python for Data Science program, you will receive a verified certificate from the University of New Mexico worth 2 Continuing Education Credits.

Virtual, In-person or Self-paced Trainings

We hold these sessions virtually but in some cases, we can travel to you. We also have a self-paced version of the workshop that's also available if it's not possible to coordinate a common time for your team(s). The cost of the workshop is for 10 attendees of our "Sensei" package and will scale up based on the size of your team. Discounts are available for the purchase of multiple workshops.