Migrate your BI environment - 1 week assessment


With this assessment, Datashift will review your current architectural set-up and provide you a strategic and technical roadmap on how to achieve a future-proof platform in Microsoft Azure.

Many organizations are considering a (partial) move of their BI environment to the cloud. Since every company has its own requirements and specifications, there is no predefined scenario to migrate your existing datawarehouse. A successful migration starts by understanding the substantiated reason to move to the cloud.

Secondly it is crucial to understand the current IT-infrastructure. Knowing how the infrastructure is set-up, which applications run and which features are used is a critical step. Also the advantages and disadvantages of the current IT infrastructure will be highlighted.

Next it is also important to collect all requirements from business users and potential business cases. The current and future needs of business are key to design a modern data platform. It is important to meet the evolving needs of users as quickly as possible.

Based on the outcome of the assessment and Datashift’s experience in migrating BI platforms we will deliver an architectural blueprint in Azure that fits your requirements. Also a strategic and tactical roadmap on how to perform the migration will be delivered. This includes a step by step approach and a high-level timeline. A cost estimation will be calculated on short and long term based on the architectural blueprint and estimated migration effort. Based on the recommendations you will be able to decide if and when it could make sense to migrate to Microsoft Azure.


The assessment is composed of a technical and business review.

Technical review:

  • Investigate why moving to the cloud is a plus
  • Review the current IT & application infrastructure
  • Collect technical requirements in terms of features, scheduling, backups, etc.

Business review:

  • Collect (expected) usage from business users
  • Collect (future) requirements from business users -> Define migration strategy


  • Architectural blueprint
  • Strategic & tactical roadmap
  • Expected benefits
  • Cost estimation(platform & migration)