Azure 3 Week Maturity Assessment

Daugherty Business Solutions

The assessment identifies the current cloud maturity, adoption, and usage by assessing factors such as the team, processes and technology behind cloud computing.

3 Week Cloud Maturity Assessment: Daugherty’s Cloud Assessment will help your organization to advance your journey to Azure no matter your starting point. We have found that organizations often need to capture their current maturity to move to the next level. Whether you are a:

  • Starter – Establishing your business case or kicking off a POC.
  • Adopter – Implementing your first 1 or 2 solutions
  • Optimizer – Building your Cloud COE, Creating Cloud Native Architecture Approached
  • Disruptor – Leveraging cloud technologies to drive innovation and digital transformation

Our three-week assessment will identify your:

  • Organizational Maturity - Starter, Adopter, Optimizer or Disruptor
  • Capability Maturity – knowledge, skills and mindset needed to accelerate to the next level
  • Cloud Adoption Maturity – current Azure footprint, security, operations, and financial practices for your Azure deployments

The deliverables you can expect to receive are the following:

  • High-level Business Strategy
  • Azure Consumption Roadmap

Note: Deliverables may vary by customer demand and need.