SQL Server DBA workshop 3 Days

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Understand, install, create, configure and maintain the SQL Server databases in Azure

You have little or no experience in Microsoft SQL Server database administration and want to know how to deploy it on Azure ? Lift and Shift is your first step into the Azure Cloud ? In this three-day course, you will learn how to install the RDBMS instance on Azure VMs as well as to create, configure, and maintain the SQL Server database and its various objects (schema, function, triggers, ...).

The training allows the customer to understand and improve its usage of the Microsoft SQL Server on Azure infrastructures.

Training objectives Understand the SQL Server design Install & configure instances on Azure VMs (with best practices) Create & configure databases Maintain databases: maint, plan, re-indexing, SQL agent jobs & alerts, troubleshoot, HA basics

Topics, split over the 3 days of training, depending on the advancement of the several topics Server requirements and best practice (starting Day 1) Installation with the wizard and using script Firewall & services configuration Instance configuration (starting Day 2) Database creation with the wizard and by script Database security: roles & logins Databases objects: table, view, trigger, function, stored procedures, etc. (Day 3) Maintenance plan: backup, history cleanup, integrity test, reorganize and rebuild indexes Using the SQL agent

Method Presentation with countless practical exercises and trainings Case studies, live demos, discussions Networking during coffee break, lunch, and apéro on last day (included in price, except for on-site workshop courses)

Target groups Database administrators (DBA) as well as network, system, and application administrators responsible for or supporting SQL Server databases

Language & documentation Workshop training normally held in English; French or German possible instead as course languages Documentation: content details, scripts, case study solutions as PDF file (in English)