Cloud Discovery and Assessment - Two Week

VAST, Inc.

VAST Cloud Discovery and Assessment Service delivers the analysis required to create a solid foundation for enterprise public cloud adoption or expansion

This service is a critical step for customers planning to integrate public or hybrid-cloud solutions into their computing infrastructure.

Deciding the what, where, and why of a transition to the cloud is essential to optimizing cost and reducing risk. VAST discovery and assessment service answers these questions with quantitative and qualitative analysis combined with actionable results.

VAST cloud services range from analyzing the existing computing inventory for cloud readiness, to roadmap generation, application mapping, vendor analysis, cloud-architecture, and migration planning. Discovery and assessment lays the groundwork to help customers maximize their current infrastructure efficiency, plan for private, public, or hybrid cloud, create financial justification, get true-cost pricing, and reduce migration risk.

Key Benefits:

• Deep visibility into inventory

• Workload and App analytics

• Low-intrusion, secure data collection

• Qualitative and quantitative analysis

• Detailed reports and outputs

• Advanced Cloud-Fit analysis

• Network dependency mapping

• Fast results in less than two weeks

• Scalable to 1000’s of workloads

• Cloud agnostic assessment

*Offer good for up to 250 on-premise servers and/or virtual machines. For engagements larger than this, please contact VAST for custom pricing.