Virtual Hearings Solution: 7 Weeks Implementation

Tech Unicorn

Our implementation program enables on-demand virtual calling scenarios such as: on-demand video customer care, online court sessions, remote healthcare consultation, from anywhere in the world.


Week 1: Scoping and Envisioning • Envisioning the solution blueprint • UX mapping for external and licensed users • System integration requirements • Bespoke User Interface Design for meeting experience on Azure Communication Services • Test cases and success criteria • Sign off on the Scope, UI and UX

Week 2: Resource Provisioning and Environment Readiness • Sizing for Azure resources as per the agreed architecture • Provisioning of resources and enabling tenant level configurations • Setting up POC environment for testing all scenarios

Week 3: Deployment on Test • Implementation of the solution on client’s Azure infrastructure • Sanity testing and stabilising the application • Enabling access to Pilot/POC user group for testing • User guides and training for the champions

Week 4-5: UAT, Debugging and Testing • Collect and analyze user feedback from Pilot/POC users • Debug and fix the implementation issues • Test and validate with Pilot/POC users for acceptance • Conclude deployment and prepare for production environment rollout

Week 5 – 7: Adoption and Change Management • Deliver a communication program and pack for rollout • User guides, training sessions, video tutorials • Plan support transition and provide detailed training for troubleshoot scenarios

Deliverables • Production-ready on-demand calling and video solution with up to 5 different scenarios mapped by business • Tested and deployed solution for client to integrate within their business environment • Customised analytics and reporting dashboards for business • Future roadmap for application enhancement

Built using Azure Communication Services (ACS) and Teams, our solution is powered with features that allow it to integrate Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning within a single platform with rich communication, video, and SMS APIs to deliver a fully customisable digital calling experience across any device, on any platform, using a reliable & secure infrastructure.