Master data management in dataverse:5-Weeks Implem

Decision Inc. Australia

Effectively manage master data within your organization and create a single source of truth.

With Decision Inc.'s Master Data Management in Dataverse service, you'll be enabled to manage your key reference and master data assets within Microsoft Azure to help you enrich the data used within Power BI or other Data applications within Azure.

The ability to govern key data assets such as - customer profiles, vendors, employees, locations, product lists, accounting items, and business definitions is an essential if laborious activity. Master data management encompasses the successful navigation of the challenges related to maintaining trusted, curated data assets that are easily managed and seamlessly accessible throughout an organisation.

With our master data management service you'll be able to:

  • Management of relationships and hierarchies between data groups.
  • Empowerment of data stewards, not IT, to ensure data quality.
  • Provides an accurate source of data for other systems.
  • Enhances data security.

Through this solution our team will provide you with: *An assessment of your current data landscape and how best to service your needs *A clear roadmap of the best data infrastructure using the best in class Dataverse and PowerApps toolsets. *A clear strategy to best manage your data *Best in class solutions to gather optimal insights from your data

The final price of the solution is dependant on various factors including the exact need of your organisation, the current data landscape, and infrastructure, current data literacy of employees, etc.