Dedalus App Innovation: 4-wk Implementation


A complete solution that simplify and accelerate your cloud journey by migrating and modernizing your business legacy applications.

Dedalus App Innovation Implementation support organizations to digital transformation by helping them modernizing legacy applications to achieve business goals and enabling companies to enjoy the benefits of a modern and complete app infrastructure. 

There are many advantages of moving legacy apps to the Azure cloud infrastructure, like app upgraded adaptability, lower framework costs, fast and secure data migration, storage elasticity and business agility. Dedalus team have the expertise to deliver and identify the best Azure services to achieve these innovation scenarios.

Dedalus App Innovation can support legacy apps modernization, using Kubernetes and managed database offerings on Azure, it also provides services and solutions that enable software to be developed and release faster with better quality and more controlled timing using DevOps practices and architecture innovation based on Microsoft Well-Architected framework.

Work plan:

  1. Modernize .NET and Java apps with PaaS, low code and managed databases
  • Modernization of Web Applications to Microsoft Azure
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • Migration plan
  • Compatibility Assessment
  • Data migration
  1. Build cloud native apps with Kubernetes, Serverless and managed databases
  • Cloud Native Application Development on Azure
  • Function provisioning
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  1. Drive DevOps adoption with GitHub
  • Repository implementation
  • CI/CD Treadmill Implementation
  • Infra as Code
  • Code Repository Control
  1. Well Architected
  • Architecture innovation based on Microsoft Well-Architected framework