Infrastructure Modernization Implementation: 4-wk


This 4 weeks Infrastructure Transformation and Modernization analyzes Azure architecture and delivers recommendations on the use of the main resources that provide better performance and investments.

The Dedalus Infrastructure Transformation and Modernization Implementation for Azure is a four weeks services that conducts the assessment and understanding of the customer current Azure environment, architecture definition, feasibility analysis for transformation, Technologies and Services definition and Implementation and Development Plan.​

The cloud computing infrastructure needs improvements and periodic reviews, to modernize the environment in relation to the technologies present in cloud computing, always changing architectures and policies in a continuous way in search of the best cost-benefit ratio. ​

This solution is recommended for all types of Azure customers regardless of the level of maturity in the use of the cloud that it is. This service is also suitable for customers who want to improve the performance and security of their cloud infrastructures.​

With Dedalus Infrastructure Transformation and Modernization Implementation customers will have this detailed analysis tailored specifically to their architecture, ensuring an optimizated, high performance and cost consumption control.​

Work plan:

  1. Assessment and understanding of the current environment​
  • Montly reports​
  • Cost notifications​
  1. Feasibility analysis for transformation​
  • Languages​
  • Platform​
  • Framework
  1. Architecture definition​
  • Serverless​
  • Micro services​
  • Containers​
  1. Definition of Technologies and Services​

  2. Implementation and Development Plan​