Dedalus Professional Data Implementation - 4 weeks


Service framework that supports companies in structuring an environment in Microsoft Azure for data storage, processing and analysis.

Dedalus Professional Data Implementation consists of a service framework that supports companies to have business insights by structuring an environment in Microsoft Azure for data storage, processing, and analysis.

Using a multi-cluster shared data architecture delivers a cloud data platform that easily and securely enables a wide variety of workloads – data warehouses, data lakes, data pipelines, and data exchanges – and many types of business intelligence, data science, and data analytics applications.

Dedalus Professional Data Implementation offer includes:

  1. General Assessment (around 1 week) • Identification of the current moment of the company according to the Dedalus Data Framework; • Understanding the demands from the Business point of view; • Assistance to the company in the elaboration of its Data Strategy.

  2. Migration (around 1 week) • Perform and support migration to the cloud, between clouds or between different engines.

  3. Data Engineering (around 1 week) • Structuring of Data Lake: centralize files from all data sources; • Structuring of Data Warehouse: analytical data relevant to the business; • Structuring of Semantic Layer: data processing and availability; • Architecture Optimization: recommending ideal architecture for the business.

  4. Data science (around 1 week) • Business Intelligence: extract insights about the business, study about what happened; • Machine Learning (ML): create and apply predictive models, study on what might happen; • Artificial Intelligence (AI): automate action based on the study of what might happen; • Analytics by Business Units (BU): marketing analytics, people analytics, sales analytics, financial analytics, among others.