Custom AI solutions for business: Azure 8-wk PoC


Proof of concept for custom solutions through implementing Data Science and AI in Azure to tackle business problems, leveraging Azure Synapse Analytics.

Integrated analytical capabilities to create custom solutions. We have experience in consulting and technology development at all levels of analysis: implementing innovative solutions at industry level, attacking business problems at the company level and developing internal capabilities at the department level. Our company's technical capabilities cover machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, GIS analysis, computer vision, data visualization, graphs, infrastructure, front-end development and business analytics. Our solution contemplates an 8 week proof fo concept in which our team will analyze your data and design a solution on Azure, using SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Databricks, Azure Analysis Services, and Power BI. Deliverables:

  • Data analysis and architecture design: starting understanding the company's processes and data to develop a seamless solution.
  • Your tailor-made solution will be developed in 8-weeks and you will be able to test it against previously established KPIs.