Azure Cloud Infrastructure Basics: 2-day Workshop

Deep Network GmbH

Azure Cloud Core Services workshop makes an overview of cloud computing and gives basic practical knowledge to hit the ground running.

Day1 Introduction to Cloud Computing (1h) Core Azure Services (3h)

  • Compute: from VMs to containers and Functions
  • Storage: Object and Block storages
  • Network: Virtual Network, Network Security Group, Load Balancers, DNS, CDN Labs (4h)
  • Lab-1: Create VM with Azure Disk, VNet, network security group
  • Lab-2: Deploy container to Azure, create public IP and DNS record to access it.


Core Azure Services continuation (3h)

  • Managed Databases
  • Event Streaming, Messaging, IoT
  • Data Engineering Labs (4h)
  • Lab-3: Create Azure Function, Storage Account, Event Hub. Trigger function on event, write results to Storage Account Table
  • Lab-4: Stream Analytics pipeline, which reads data from IoT Hub and saves results into a managed database Summary (1h)
  • Review the workshop
  • Next steps
  • Q&A


  • know how to use terminal, work with files and directories
  • git basics
  • basic coding skills and Azure Subscription with Contributor role