Application Modernization: 1-day Assessment


Assess your legacy Applications for modernization purposes

Many organizations struggle with legacy custom developed applications who’ve become business critical over the years. They suffer from outages, are difficult to scale and probably no one dares to update them. In the meantime end users want to access the application on any device at anytime from anywhere, expecting a true experience and cognitive aid built-in. Modernizing the application toward future-proof infrastructure technologies will save your investment, improve security & compliance and reduce IT operational costs. Rebuilding the app on cloud native technologies will further extend these benefits to the max but requires a new large investment. What path to take? Find out in this assessment!

Lever Azure Platform Services to modernize the infrastructure of your application(s) and enjoy the benefits of scalability, availability, security, flexibility and so on.

The outcome and deliverable of this assessment is a PowerPoint report that details the efforts, blockers and drivers are to modernize your application to Azure Platform Services.

After this Assessment, you can also count on delaware for the actual migration. (not included in this offer)