Data Mesh Assessment and Proof of Concept


2-week series of workshops deep diving into Data Mesh with a strong focus on Azure, combined with an organisational assessment with IT roadmap formulation followed by a proof of concept and demo.


From the emergence of data warehouses in the late 80s to data lakehouses in 2020: the evolution of data architecture has always been marked by increased centralization. However, faced with a growing number of data sources, use cases, users and tools, the limits of data centralization are becoming more and more apparent.

Data Mesh – a new socio-technological paradigm in the world of data based on four core principles – offers a fresh, decentralized perspective on some key data challenges, addressing the overall question on how to build data platforms that scale organizationally.


This 2-week engagement is intended for IT leaders, Digital Transformation Managers, Enterprise Architects and Data Platform Architects looking for an in-depth accelerated training on Data Mesh and the application of its underlying principles within the Azure Cloud ecosystem, combined with a solution assessment and proof of concept, to translate the theory to the specific context of the organisation, including: analysis of as-is & to-be, IT roadmap formulation, use case analysis and proof of concept with end-to-end demo on synthetic data using delaware’s data mesh accelerator.

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