Dell Cyber Recovery for Microsoft Azure: Advisory, Design and 6-Week Implementation Services

Dell Technologies

Advisory, Design, and Deployment services for Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Solution for Microsoft Azure to protect critical data from Ransomware and destructive Cyberattacks

Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery is a secure cloud vault SaaS solution utilizing Microsoft Azure services. The services in this offer help customer's adoption of the Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery on Microsoft Azure. It is focused on two primary areas: Advisory and Implementation.

The Advisory service provides recommendations to integrate and optimize Cyber Recovery in your data protection environment. This is accomplished by analyzing both your current and future state to create a tailored strategy for cyber recovery preparedness, ensuring tight alignment with the business needs for protection and recovery.

A key component of the advisory phase is a workshop and information session to collect data on your applications and understand their criticality to normal business operations. These considerations will help drive recommendations of what should be protected by the Cyber Recovery Vault that can be used to rebuild core functions first and get the business running again.

The Implementation service integrates the Cyber Recovery Solution into your data protection environment. In this phase, we can use information gathered through the advisory to tailor the solution to your exact needs further. We can also integrate additional technologies and capabilities with your Cyber Recovery environment, such as:

• Deploy vault infrastructure

• Modify production backups to support Cyber Recovery Vault requirements

• Create a Cyber Recovery Vault to include Azure, retention policies, and applications

• Develop detailed operational procedures (Recovery Runbooks) to execute a recovery out of the vault

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