Data Warehousing Solution: 1 Week Assessment

Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting

When your staff needs or your customers are demanding, a large secure central repository of integrated data from one or multiple sources and/or the ability to process that data, DCAC can help.

Do you need a data warehouse? What should be included in your data warehouse? Where should it be hosted? How will it be licensed?

These are all fantastic questions and at the end of our week-long data warehousing assessment, we'll have the answers to these questions and all the others that come up during our assessment.

Our assessment will include:

  • What sorts of questions a data warehouse can help you answers.
  • Based on your specific needs and business requirements, what should be included in your data warehouse solution.
  • If the data warehouse is a better candidate for Azure SQL DB, Azure SQL DW, or an Azure VM running SQL Server.
  • What will be the best licensing option for your specific needs.

Engagement can be delivered remotely for the stated costs, or at your site for the listed consulting costs plus the cost of travel. Travel costs are the only variable in pricing for services.