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SQL Server Health Check: 3-Day Assessment

Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting

Over 3 days Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting will review your existing SQL Server environment and provide a list of changes, which if made will improve the performance of your SQL Server.

If you’re experiencing significant performance problems, or are having a lack of resources to contend with consider a more in-depth analysis is the next step to take.

This three-day evaluation focuses on your Azure SQL Server instance and includes:

  • Comprehensive script to verify settings/configuration meet best practices
  • Deep review of the instance: database sizes, schema problems, missing, duplicate & unused indexes
  • Reviewing wait stats & queries captured on the Azure SQL Server Virtual Machine looking for problems
  • Documented report along that includes a checklist of steps to resolve issues found

The health check process is designed to be run against existing Azure SQL Server Virtual Machine.