Azure Migration: 7 Day Implementation

Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting LLC

Are you looking to migrate your servers to Azure, and you would like to have the migration done for free?

The team at Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting has access to an exclusive Microsoft program that will allow us to migrate your systems to Microsoft Azure at no cost to your company for the consulting services.

The number of days of consulting time which are available under this program varies based on the estimated cost of running migrated systems in Azure for one year.

Packages are available under this program to cover the following migration project lengths.

  • 1 day
  • 3 days
  • 5 days
  • 7 days

As part of your migration to Microsoft Azure, we'll ensure that you are paying the least amount for your cloud hosting as possible; while meeting or exceeding the service levels that you want to meet.

Contact us set up a meeting to check the availability of this program for your migration project to Microsoft Azure; and the duration that can be covered by this program. Additional programs may be available to cover additional consulting time for various uses including planning, training, Proof of Concepts, migrations, etc.

This program is only available for companies based in the United States and the migration work will be completed by consultants based in the United States. All consulting services will be performed remotely to keep costs at $0.