DevOpsGroup Azure Cloud Managed Services


Your application is innovative and customer-focused, and your development team needs to keep it that way with regular feature updates.

Managing cloud platforms is not the same as managing a traditional data centre. It requires new patterns and practices, specialist tools and modern ways of working that maximise the return on your cloud investment. As a digital-native business, we have the skills and experience to handle your needs via on-demand platform support or focused platform operations engineering.

We have two offerings:

  • Platform Support - Our cloud engineers are there when you need them, either during business hours or 24×7. With this service, we help diagnose and troubleshoot problems in real-time as they arise. We also go a step further, offering best practice guidance to reduce risks and failure rates over time.

  • Platform Operations - If you’re looking to boost operational maturity, our full, application-centric cloud managed service will help. Working as an extension to your in-house team, our cloud and DevOps engineers focus on improving the reliability, security and cost-effectiveness of your cloud-hosted applications.

Both these cloud managed services can be tailored to your circumstances.

The cloud support modern teams need

The heavy lifting of infrastructure maintenance is an ongoing burden that can threaten innovation and prevent adaptation to evolving customer needs. But 24×7 availability is essential. Traditional functional outsourcing models aren’t suited to cloud-native, agile development teams. But an engineering partner that understands modern ways of working will help you accelerate progress. Our Platform Operations service is designed for business-critical developer built applications. It is designed to ensure the uptime, availability and performance of the platform onto which your custom code is deployed.

What will I get from these services?

While our platform support and platform operations services differ in the scope and scale of work undertaken, they share common principles. You will always have direct access to Azure engineers who can personally resolve technical issues or make operability improvements.

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