TFS to Azure DevOps Migration: 2 wk Implementation


Migrate all current work items, history and code repository from TFS to Azure DevOps

TFS to Azure DevOps Migration

3 Stage Migration Proces

###Information Gathering Understanding the existing implementation is essential to orchestrate a seamless migration. One of our consultants will hold an inception day with your team to elicit the information our engineers need. We identify which projects and branches will be migrated from your code repository, which work items need to move and any builds requiring reconfiguration in the new Azure DevOps instance. Getting under the skin of the current TFS environment enables us to devise an optimum migration with minimum disruption for users. ###Week 1 Migration preparation Following the inception day, our highly skilled engineers replicate the current environment on the Azure Cloud Platform to perform a dry-run. This critical step enables issues to be identified and rectified in advance, as well as providing an opportunity for final validation before live data is migrated. ###Week 2 Full Migration Once the test migration is approved, the live migration can begin. The first step is to upgrade the existing TFS deployment by initiating the Azure DevOps 2019 Server Upgrade Process. We then migrate your code repository and any work items that are not currently active, to ensure employee productivity is not disrupted. Next, we migrate the final work items and any recent commits made during the week, to ensure all migrated data is fully up-to-date. We use powerful tools from Microsoft’s Visual Studio Marketplace to facilitate a friction less migration that enables you to quickly derive value from the Azure DevOps environment.

Benefits of Azure DevOps

  • Microsoft handles major upgrades with no downtime.
  • Microsoft manages the infrastructure and maintenance of the machines your Azure DevOps instance runs on
  • No need to for disaster recovery or backups
  • Maintained security as Microsoft has achieved HIPAA, BAA, and SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 certifications

Pricing depends on quantity of servers migrated