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DevOps Transformation Discovery: 3 Day Assessment


Our DevOps Transformation Discovery allows you to understand operational & technical challenges, explore technological or policy-related constraints, & establish the needs of your organisation.

Duration 3 Day Assessment:


To initiate the Discovery, we hold an on-site inception workshops over a 1 period. This session is to confirm the scope of the engagement, the forthcoming agenda, and required attendees per workshop.

DORA Survey

Ahead of attending site, we will work with representatives from your organisation to run the DORA ( This short, 20-30 minute online survey is completed by everyone in the organisation (or business unit) responsible for the delivery of software. Once complete we run three individual workshops with a focus on goals, work and flow.

Day 1 // Goals Modelling Workshop. The purpose of the Goals Modelling Workshop is to establish a common understanding of the business and department objectives, and determine if these are common and aligned across different teams, roles and levels of the organisation. This simplifies the prioritisation process and enables the ability to limit work-in-progress, which are critical to successful IT delivery.

Day 2 // Work Identification and DevOps Capability Deep-Dive. The purpose of the Work Identification Workshops is to establish what work is done, as well as how much work the organisation and teams are managing. This is also an opportunity to take a deep dive into the constraints highlighted by the DORA survey and layer in the necessary context to fully understand them:

Day 3 // Flow Workshop. The purpose of this workshop is to establish how work flows through the organisation and teams. It uses a technique called Event Storming, which enables visualisation of the workflow for a specific use case in the system. Once the flow of events has been modelled, we facilitate an open-discussion on how the flow of work can be optimised through the system.

Report Presentation Around three weeks after the workshops, we will return to your offices for a half-day session where we present our recommendations and next steps.