Cloud Foundation: 4-Wk Implementation

Devoteam Alegri GmbH

Cloud Foundation - Creating cloud ready environments with Microsoft Azure landing zones

Microsoft Azure landing zones are Azure environments that consider scale, security, governance, network, and identity. The concept of the Azure landing zones enables application migrations and greenfield developments on an enterprise scale in Microsoft Azure. In addition, it also serves as a basis for verifying existing deployments regarding best practices and, if necessary, adapting them.

Devoteam Cloud Foundation represents the collection of Devoteam in building secure & scalable Azure Landing Zones based on Microsoft Cloud Adaption Framework. With Devoteam Cloud Foundation we provide the collection of Azure Landing Zone architectures and best practices from many successfully implemented projects.

In an initial workshop, we will determine the status of your Azure environment with you and help you plan a solid basis. We support you either greenfield on your journey to the cloud or brownfield to analyse your existing environment and optimize it if necessary.

In addition to onboarding, we illuminate the topics of cost, identity, and other governance requirements right from the start. As well as the fast and secure connectivity to your on-premises environment, but also the monitoring and optimization of the excellence operating.

Our focus is on offering your solutions a landing zone set up according to Microsoft best practice combined with our experiences. We follow an Infrastructure as Code approach, which also has an impact in the form of a policy-supported Governance as Code, which enforces your compliance over the long term.