ACE GitOps: 4-Wk Implementation

Devoteam France

Operationalize Microsoft Azure cloud services with a complete automation engine (GitOps). Gain complete control over CI/CD of Microsoft Azure Infrastructure

Devoteam's ACE framework provides an enterprise-grade automation engine using GitOps which is adapted to your needs. This help organization to continuous deploy and integrate all Microsoft Azure Services.

As per our research customer face these common challenges with cloud/Microsoft Azure operations:-

Migrating and managing a large business in the cloud can quickly become disorganized and too complex to handle.  When deploying many workloads simultaneously, you often need a large team working paralleled, increasing the risk of inconsistency and human error.   Manually setting up landing zones and deploying applications can be time-consuming, scaling can be cumbersome and keeping track of governance and security can be challenging.  

We provide Solution with DevoTeam ACE GitOps implementation which help organisation in Microsoft Azure operations of all Azure services-

ACE GitOps implements a large number of best practices as infrastructure as code (IaC), automated processes and ready-made templates, ensuring speed, consistency, security and compliance in your Microsoft Azure Cloud operations

The solution

Workshops  ACE GitOps includes a series of workshops to strengthen your understanding and competence and enable you to use the tools provided to securely operate and maintain the complete cloud lifecycle. 

Infrastructure as code (IaC)  One of the main principles of ACE is that all implementation is in code, including landing zones, QuickStart templates and CI/CD pipelines. This ensures consistency in the infrastructure, regardless of who does the setup or when.

Automation  GitOps includes automation of several cloud processes, such as deployment, documentation, management processes and configuration drift detection and fixing.

Management tools ACE GitOps is based on industry standards and integrates several solutions for cloud management. This includes policy management with version tracking, landing zone lifecycle management and workload management with a ready-to-use, flexible CI/CD engine. 

The Outcome:- Acceleration Since GitOps is based on automation and infrastructure as code (IaC), it increases implementation and deployment speed, and potentially saves you more than 4000 manhours. It also ensures consistency in security and compliance, allowing you to skip the usual IT "gatekeeper" and be more agile and able to quickly innovate, adapt and respond to market demands. 

Competence  We provide your organisation with the tools and digital competency you need to be able to operate and deploy applications securely and confidently in the cloud

Control  With the structural consistency provided by IaC and the strengthened competence in the organisation, you will gain complete control over security and compliance. We use standardized and native tooling instead of proprietary solutions, so you avoid lock-in and can operate and manage your own cloud solutions