ACE Transformation: 8-Wk Implementation

Devoteam France

Optimization of Azure migration and modernization of Microsoft Azure Operations

Many enterprises struggle with a complex and inefficient IT structure characterized by a lot of legacy. Moving this legacy-ridden and inefficient structure to Azure will often be time-consuming and expensive. Without restructuring and modernising the organisational and technical structures before moving to Azure, the end result can be even less comprehensible than what you started with. The organisation risks being locked in a "black box" relationship with a supplier, without the necessary competence to operate the solution, or even know if it's the right one for you.

We target to solve the migration and transformation problems with ACE Framework. The details are defined below:-

The process Assessment  Through automated data collection, interviews with stakeholders and workshops, we do a thorough and detailed assessment of the IT environment, mapping workloads, integrations, dependencies, security and policy requirements, as well as business impact and modernization possibilities

Design Based on the assessment, we define and break down your applications and solutions into workloads and assign a dedicated team per workload. Using the ACE framework, the team designs the optimal migration plan and makes the necessary design decisions. We also help lay out the organisational structure, assigning ownership and a responsibility matrix for each system.

Migration As a part of the ACE framework, the migration will follow a uniquely structured approach, where each team for each workload follow the same methodology and procedure. Using automation and infrastructure as code, we ensure consistency in structure, security and compliance in all parts of the system. At the end of the migration, we perform comprehensive testing following the same structured approach.

Workshops Through a series of workshops, we will strengthen your cloud competence and enable you to understand and securely operate your new cloud solution. At the end of the workshops, you will know what you need, why you need it, and how to operate it

The outcome Acceleration Not only does ACE accelerate the migration process. Modernising your organisational and technical structures allows you to transform your internal processes and accelerate innovation. This improves your ability to quickly adapt and respond to the demands of an increasingly complex marketplace.

Enablement Through sprints and workshops, we give your organisation a thorough introduction to every part of your solution. Not only do we transform your digital infrastructure – we strengthen the digital competency in the organisation, enabling you to operate securely and confidently in the cloud and avoid a "black box" solution

Modernization At the end of the migration, you will have transformed your system from legacy-ridden, complex and inefficient to a modern and efficient one. The modernised system allows you complete control over cost, compliance and security. We use standardised and native tooling instead of proprietary solutions, so you avoid lock-in and can operate and manage your own cloud solutions.

1 designated team per workload 5+ workshops per workload 4+ 2-week sprints per workload - Price indicated is estimation per sprint.