Fraud detection: 4-week assessment

Devoteam NV/SA

Prepare for your fraud detection journey by performing a thorough analysis of your needs and capabilities.

Fraud exists among many different domains and organizations, manifesting itself in different ways accordingly. Finding and combatting fraud can be a challenge, since fraudsters are increasingly adept at staying under the radar.

Devoteam helps your organization combat fraud by leveraging Azure, Azure services, and Power BI with tailor-made fraud detection solutions.

The tailor-made fraud detection system provides a score on the calculated risk of each submitted entity, like a subsidy application or insurance claim. Risk scores are composed of the combination of different underlying methods, which each consider risk in a different way:

  • Anomaly detection
  • Community detection and risk analysis
  • Rule-based methods
  • Supervised machine learning

Our Approach

To unlock the power of your data to detect and generate actions to combat fraud, Devoteam has defined four stages:

  1. Empower your organization with a clear data vision.
  2. Get your data house in order.
  3. Ensure data quality and usability.
  4. Turn data signals into actionable insights to combat fraud.

During this 4-week pre-implementation assessment, all stages will be assessed. Together with your domain experts, Devoteam will build an actionable plan to implement both the right foundation and a fraud detection system.

Our Offer

Assessment of:
- Current state of your data house, data quality and usabiliy.
- Business processes impacted by fraud.
Actionable plan to:
- Implement pre-requisites to detect and combat fraud.
- Implement a tailor-made fraud detection solution.
- Incorporate fraud detection into your current business processes.