Go to Azure : 3 days Assessment

Devoteam M Cloud

Evaluate the opportunity to leverage the Microsoft Azure cloud and address your need to modernize and secure your environment.

Datacenter renewal, need to modernize your environments, service security issues, need for scalability to adjust to business needs, need to benefit from the latest features .... These are all reasons to migrate to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Azure is the solution that allows IT teams to refocus on the company's business and benefit from a secure, up-to-date platform that adapts to the company's needs and delivers over 200 modern services.

To help you make the decision to migrate to Azure with confidence, we offer you a turnkey study to evaluate this opportunity.

This assessment, "Go To Azure", allows you to jointly define the target to be reached, identify and evaluate the associated gains and costs (functional and financial) and project a realistic and concrete macro transformation plan based on Microsoft's "Cloud Adoption Framework" (CAF).

This service offering will vary depending on the number of datacenters (source) and potential machines to be migrated.

We will make you aware of the concept of "continuous improvement" which combines administration, support, transformation and change management, to enable you to make these solutions live, to benefit from the services serenely and to focus on your core business.

Let's work together in this dynamic!