Azure Arc for Kubernetes: 4-Wk Proof of Concept

Devoteam S.A.

Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes is one of the 6 Azure Arc services offered on the Azure platform. This service allows you to onboard any CN/CF compliant Kubernetes cluster, no matter its location.

Devoteam offers you an end-to-end proof of concept of Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes servers from the onboarding to the implementation of the various Azure services.

To enable Kubernetes on the client infrastructure using the Microsoft Best Practice, the following steps will be performed:

  • Create a clear assessment of the current Kubernetes infrastructure across the different environments
  • Definition of the objectives and acceptance criteria of the project
  • Creation of a pilot plan on a few clusters (tagging strategy, planification of Azure Monitor, rollback procedure, etc)
  • Deployment in batch of the validated plan on your clusters
  • Training of the personnel if it is your first experience with Azure