Modernize apps on Azure (10-day workshop)


Experience your scalability, security and cost optimization benefits from modernizing your apps to Azure with a minimum of effort and a maximum of knowledge transfer from our experts.

Overcome today's challenges when modernizing your apps on Azure:

  • Existing apps struggle with keeping up with business demands as the user-base increases and performance requirements are constantly changing.
  • Multiple integrations with other services are present to power the business processes. Maintaining and collaborating on these integrations poses a challenge.
  • Hardware and OS running costs are increasing, as more infrastructure is needed to keep performance optimal.
  • Securing the application from both an identity and network perspective is a lot of effort to ensure compliance and peace of mind.

Without code changes, you can benefit from increased scalability, performance and security. Once in the cloud, it becomes easy to optimize your apps and introduces additional cost, performance and scalability improvements. Modernized apps are set free from constraints imposed by traditional platforms and can adapt to future challenges.

Workshop overview

In a discovery call we start with your cloud apps strategy to define workshop focus areas.

Assessment (1-day)

  • Understand your apps landscape
  • Whiteboard session with recommendations

Technology workshop (2-days)

  • Azure Landing Zone, based on the Cloud Adoption & Well-Architected Framework.
  • Explore Azure Data & App Services (server-less, containers)

Define your blue-print architecture (2-days)

  • Workshop-driven process to define blue-print
  • Establish solid, secure Azure foundation for your cloud apps

Demonstrating Value Workshop (5-days) Together we select one of the following focus areas:

  • Setup Azure landing zone + deploy first workload on Azure
  • Migrate your existing Java and .NET apps to Azure
  • Azure DevOps onboarding for cloud solution development

Deliverables Your blue-print architecture on Azure documented.