Cloud Security 2-day Assessment


Validate your cloud app workloads against best practices and Well-Architected principles. Improve your security posture and gain visibility through insightful reports with recommendations.


Our assessment offers an attestation of your Microsoft Azure environment by evaluating its compliance state against Well-Architected Framework standards, applicable regulatory frameworks, and best practices. You will receive a detailed report on your cloud maturity level, including identification of top risks, and we will assist in defining a security roadmap. Our assessment is conducted by cloud experts and utilizes the latest industry standards to provide a comprehensive evaluation.

Value Proposition

The value of running secure, compliant, and well-architected workloads has real implications in managing unexpected expenses and financial losses due to incidents or breaches, losing your customer’s trust due to unreliable services or bad customer experiences, and having, in some cases, to invest people, resources, and time in fixing the damages caused by low-quality workloads.

Key Benefits

  • Manage budget.
  • Improve workload security.
  • Increase incident response.
  • Streamline internal processes.
  • Avoid costly mistakes.
  • Efficient performance.

With DexMach, you can build workloads with confidence based on proven deep technical guidance, which is actionable and simple-to-use, and helps you identify areas of improvement and where to focus your workloads optimization efforts.

Our Approach

Our approach for an Azure cloud configuration security and compliance scan involves measuring various factors, including:

  • Azure secure score controls
  • Azure cloud configuration against best practices
  • Microsoft secure score
  • Regulatory compliance

We focus on identifying compliant resources and provide premium insights that enable you to mitigate any risks that are detected. Our approach also involves mapping to the MITRE framework to ensure comprehensive coverage of all security and compliance aspects.


  • A comprehensive security report (including a read-only PowerBI scan report) that provides an overview of the key results from the cloud configuration compliance scan. The report includes recommendations for addressing identified risks and improving your organization's security posture.
  • Assessment results presentation workshop to define the necessary next steps to help you implement the recommended security measures.
  • Three security-related workshops with the customer, defined here. [OPTIONAL]

The pricing may vary depending on the scope and requirements of your project. For detailed information about this offer, please reach out to us.