Cloud Migration and Optimization: 4-Hr Assessment


DGITAL Labs offers an assessment session to Azure migration with Rehost, Refactor, and Rearchitect approach.

DGITAL Labs is a Cloud Platform Silver Partner with a group of Application Developers and certified Azure Administrator Associates and Azure Solutions Architect Experts. DGITAL Labs is a certified PCI Service Provider and specializes in maintaining and operating eCommerce websites according to the PCI DSS compliance requirements.

We are offering a complimentary 4-hour assessment that includes a discovery session where business requirements and project scope can be determined. The total cost and the duration of the implementation depend on the infrastructure and requirement complexity.

For further sessions DGITAL Labs provides seamless migration with optimization including:

  • Consulting with the Client about the migration approach, timelines, deliverables. 
  • Discovering infrastructure components, performance, and workload, identifying underutilized resources and areas to improve, where auto-scaling and PaaS/IaaS solutions can be introduced. 
  • Developing a migration project what suits the Client the best. This contains cloud assessment and architecture design. It can also contain Azure DevOps implementation of CI/CD pipelines. 
  • Cloud migration and implementation with minimal or no downtime aligning it with the Client's business objectives. DGITAL Labs offers Azure Support and Operations as well.

Review the related offer if you are considering working together with us on other topics as well. In case of any question feel free to contact us!