Microsoft Azure Cloud Foundation - 4wk POC


Establishing Azure as a platform for Cloud based applications and services

Diaxion can cover all or some of the aspects needed to consume, operate and manage multiple Azure services. Establishing a Hybrid Cloud Foundation infrastructure in Azure requires the planning, design and implementation of the core areas listed below. Some areas may be covered by the customer (such as on-premises network configuration), whereas others will be performed as part of this engagement.


Audit and Discovery

  • 1.1 Kick-off meeting to begin onsite project and activities
  • 1.2 Establishment of Azure tenancy requirements
  • 1.3 Establishment of Azure networking requirements

Analysis and Planning

  • 2.1 Azure subscription model planning to define subscription model and naming conventions
  • 2.2 Information security planning
  • 2.3 Identity management planning
  • 2.4 Billing process planning
  • 2.5 Azure Network planning
  • 2.6 Storage planning
  • 2.7 Compute resource planning
  • 2.8 Monitoring and Management

Design and build

  • 3.1 Define and document Azure high level architecture
  • 3.2 Create up to 3 Azure Subscriptions
  • 3.3 Implement virtual network spaces with any VNet connectivity required
  • 3.4 Create storage accounts with relevant data protection
  • 3.4 Build and configure Azure identity management requirements (Azure AD)
  • 3.5 Configure Azure Management items (portal monitoring, anti-virus)


  • 4.1 Assist with testing activities through the execution of a test plan
  • 4.2 Provide a demonstration of the solution and recommended practices for operations and management to customer staff


  • Pre-Engagement Questionnaire
  • Azure High Level Design
  • Analysis and Planning Report

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