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DevOps Kickstart: 3-Wk Implementation


Diaxion can help your organisation understand how automation and DevOps can be leveraged and deliver improved agility, development and resilience, leading to more efficient operations.

At Diaxion we focus more on the people, process and culture changes that need to happen to realise a full return from Devops.

This service is suitable for those organisations that want to make the complete culture transformation to maximise the business benefits realisation from the DevOps journey.


  • Identify Business Outcomes & “what’s in it for me” for each group aligned to business outcome
  • Identify user stories for the Business Outcomes
  • Process map to the user stories
  • Optimize the process maps
  • Identify, automation, integration and tool chain requirements
  • Roadmap


Having assessed the information received, we will develop a high-level recommendations PowerPoint report which identifies the roadmap for the organization to enable the DevOps initiative. A recommendation report will include high-level solution options and identify key decisions and include a completion an onsite completion workshop with the client covering:

All deliverables presented will be covered in a completion workshop onsite with client

  • Operating model capabilities target
  • Identification of recommended short list per identified capability
  • Brief rationale and supporting high-level details for recommended solution
  • A roadmap with recommendations tied to project pipeline demand
  • Process map analysis with recommendations to achieve business benefits including a high-level build request

Benefits * A DevOps process that enables accelerated application deployment, * A reduction in issues from deployments * Increased customer satisfaction

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