End To End Microsoft Security Roadmap - Assessment: 2weeks


Custom Microsoft Security Assessment and Roadmap from Difenda Professional Services

Microsoft Security is a large and complex ecosystem of advanced security solutions and it is important to ensure that they are deployed specifically for a customer's unique needs. this service provides an assessment of a customer's current environment, whether they are just getting started or already have some solutions deployed. Once the detailed assessment is completed then Difenda will review with and provide customers with a report that will outline their current security posture along with a tailored roadmap for how to implement Microsoft Security tools, or to adjust current implementations. With this comprehensive roadmap, you will discover your organizational threat landscape and have a roadmap view of your IT environment that shares your regulatory and compliance framework, security tools, gaps in controls, and current Microsoft Licenses.

This typically leads Difenda's security experts into a discussion with your organization to address any security gaps mapped to your Microsoft 365 Licensing, with a prioritized workstream to overcome any noted security deficiencies. The Difenda team can then support your organization through implementation of any of the recommendations via additional services. Difenda also offers an integrated cybersecurity suite of modules and managed services powered by Microsoft Security technologies. This security roadmap assessment project will also outline how to utilize our tools, along with Microsoft Security Suite of tools (such as Defender for Endpoint, Azure Sentinel, etc) to best secure your organization.

The phases of the assessment and roadmap include:

Discover: Review organization, environment, Microsoft licensing, and existing roadmaps. Develop: Analyze and document the findings from the discovery. Develop the roadmap and related work plans Review & Signoff: Assist with review and approval of roadmap with the senior sponsor(s) Execute: Iteratively execute, monitor, and manage roadmap activities Manage: Difenda Shield suite of managed products: Managed SIEM, Managed EDR, AVM, MDR for IT, and MDR for OT

Microsoft Products utilized in the scope of this assessment include Microsoft Entra, Endpoint Manager, Purview, Priva, Defender, and Sentinel. This assessment is best suited for customers who do not have a large security team, are unfamiliar with Microsoft Security suite of tools, or are looking for an expert assessment of their current environment by Microsoft Security certified technicians. This assessment can be utilized in any industry, but has been incrementally helpful for Public Sector (such as government, healthcare, education), Manufacturing, Retail, and Financial Institutions. Although it is suited for any size of organization, and is recommended for every customer to get a solid state of their security posture aligned to the Microsoft Security suite, it is often discussed in the mid-market to large corporate segments.