Integration Architecture Fast Track: 8-Wk Assmt.


Creating an holistic integration architecture vision through interactive workshops (4-8, depending on the scope). Deliverable is an action plan which can be used to start the implementation.

Digia Integration Architecture Fast Track is a rapid and cost-effective service for creating an organisation’s integration architecture vision and recommending actions for implementing the vision. The integration architecture positions modern cloud services, often including Azure Integration Services (e.g., Logic Apps, API Management) and possibly other more traditional on-premises integration solutions such as Biztalk, to achieve a suitable environment and governance models for the customer organisation. The service is produced through workshops, analysing existing material of integrations, and interviewing key personnel. The result of the service is a report that documents the mutually agreed priorities. The results are presented to the customer in a closing meeting.

SERVICE CONTENT AND PRIORITIES The objectives of the study are agreed according to the customer's needs. Priorities are selected together at the beginning of the work. Among the agreed focus areas, business needs and goals as well as integration architecture are usually always included.

SERVICE TASKS AND DELIVERABLES The implementation of the Integration Fast Track service includes the following main components: • Identification of business needs, goals and drivers that affect the architecture • Analysis of how customer’s business and targets are about to change in the future • Identification of the stakeholders and participants and their expectations • Identification of key integration architecture principles • Estimation of the needed architecture solutions and their required implementation schedules • Identification of the most suitable technology components