Modern Data Platform pilot: 8-Wk Implementation


A Fast-Track implementation project for a Modern Azure Data Platform, which is extensible for future business needs.

Need: Better data for decision making

Data-driven businesses today require more comprehensive information for supporting data insights, analytics and self-service BI. Data is originally generated and located in multiple business systems, from where no single truth or single-set-of-numbers can’t be easily provided. Data needs to be transformed and stored centrally to achieve e.g.

  • Unified view across multiple source systems
  • Parallel perspectives or versions for information
  • Data snapshots describing trends
  • Long term trends (history, forecasts incl. data from old business systems) and pre-calculated KPIs
  • Reference data from external sources
  • AI/ML/algorithm-based data processing, storing and providing of results

Solution: Azure Data Platform and Power BI

Modern Cloud based Data Platform providing consistent data for data-driven decision making, analytics and self-service BI with Power BI visualization capabilities, enabling use cases like

  • Management KPIs and dashboards
  • Reporting and analysis needs from business and support functions
  • Cost and profitability calculations and performance reporting
  • Actuals against forecasts and goals monitoring and analysis


Microsoft Azure Data platform with Power BI provides scalable services for data aggregation, storing (data lake and data warehouse) and management to be used with the Power BI visualization tool and analytics. Architecture can later be extended for implementing and running data-driven analytics (AI / ML).

Service content

The service covers configuration of the Azure Data Platform and definition and implementation of the first analytics use case:

  • Setting up the Azure services
  • Data flows from a single source system to DW
  • Data Vault 2.0 based DW modelling and implementation
  • Data Mart layer implementation
  • Power BI based visualization
  • CI/CD pipelines implemented with Azure DevOps services

Final pricing will be determined based on customer scenario complexity and size.